Client: American Museum of Natural History
Projects: Race to the End of the Earth/ Brain: the Inside Story/ The World’s Largest Dinosaurs
Role: Exhibit Designer

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  • southpole
  • foamcore-arch
  • sledgeinteractive
  • sledgemodel
  • sledgewithhand
  • igloofinal
  • igloodrawing
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  • titanswhitemodel
  • titantablemodel

During my final year of graduate school, I had the unique opportunity to work with AMNH’s traveling exhibitions department in a design support role. Each of their three lead exhibition designers has ownership of a traveling exhibition, which are conceptualized, designed, built, and realized on an 18 month cycle. This means that at all times, there is work to be done on different stages of the exhibition design process.

During my tenure there, my biggest challenge was to create inexpensive, quick, accurate scale models- both 2D and 3D- for prototyping the exhibits.

Some of the prototypes I created includes: building a full scale (14 foot tall) model of the South Pole dome out of foam core and duct tape for prototyping projection location and angles; sculpting an ergonomic handheld foam and masking tape sledge model for an exhibit interactive; researching, designing, and outfitting a modern day igloo; graphically illustrating the breakdown of a brain for a “Mr. Potato Head”-inspired interactive; using architectural modeling techniques to build a scale white model, which serves to help the team envision exhibition space and flow.

AMNH Traveling Exhibits