Client: The Museum of Science, Boston
Project: Design an interactive exhibit about conserving energy in your home.
Role: Exhibit Designer

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Conserve@home is a permanent exhibit that opened in December of 2012. Located in the backyard area of the Investigate House, the conserve team envisioned the space to feel like anyone’s home.

After a 3d designer colleague of mine decided to leave the Museum, I inherited the project in April of 2012. Although the look and feel had been decided by the team months before, no graphics, materials, floorplans or interactives had been decided on or created as of that time.

Due to the timing of other exhibits, the space prep of conserve was scheduled before any of the interactive components had been technically designed. This meant that I had to speculate what the space would look like from the content developer’s writing, without any knowledge of what the final interactives would turn out to be.

My vision for Conserve was to create the backyard environment physically through the context of the interactive components. For example, our lightbulb interactive is where the visitor has the opportunity to select an LED, CFL, or Incandescent lightbulb and crank a wheel to feel how much energy it takes to power each one. I took this interactive and placed it in the context of someone tinkering in their toolshed, which at once helped to create the backyard space, as well as created a fun, immersive, and self-explanatory interaction.

Museum of Science Boston