Project: Identify a backpack consumer whose needs are not getting met (I chose professional men), and using market research, design and create a backpack to meet those needs.
Role: Designer and fabricator.

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I began taking sewing lessons at the age of eleven. By the time I was in high school, I was able to read patterns and sew complicated garments on the machine, and, my favorite high school graduation gift was my very own Bernina sewing machine.

Naturally, when I went to Pratt and had the option of taking a soft prototypes class with ID alumna, ex-Nike designer, and chair of the Pratt Fashion Department, Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, I jumped at the chance!

Rebeccah challenged us to develop our work like professional bag designers. The process began by selecting an under-met consumer group for backpacks. Inspired by my boyfriend’s unbelievably unprofessional Jansport backpack, I decided to take a closer look at backpacks for the young professional.

After seeing the backpacks currently on the market for this demographic, I compiled a database of standard and desired features. I then drew 10 different designs with differing color palettes. Like a professional design team, the design I ended up creating was the one chosen by the other designers in the class.

Our process included creating a paper sculpture of the bag. We cut the sculpture down to create the pattern pieces for the muslin prototype. Adjustments were made, and the Flipp backpack was sewn out of real materials.

The Flipp backpack is made of Chocolate coated nylon with a lime green lining and a yellow ripstop edging. Flexible mesh and bungee cords help to ruggedize the compartments. The backpack is one solid color on the outside for a professional look, while being bright and convertible on the inside, for individuality.