Project: The first annual Gourmet Latino Food Festival
Role: Event Designer

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I met exhibit designer Claudia when she and her two business partners were developing the first annual Gourmet Latino Food Festival. They were funding the Festival themselves and were in need of design support on their shoestring budget. Being a lifetime lover of DIY, I happily jumped to the rescue.

Highlighting the earthiness of Latin cuisine, Claudia and I wanted to reflect a similar old-world ambiance in the event environment. Fortunately, the Astor Place venue Gourmet Latino had secured was an industrial space with an innately rustic feel.  In order to elegantly (yet inexpensively) unify the space, I designed, created, and installed restaurant booth overhead signage and menu stands, as well as cocktail signs for each of the two bars at the festival.

To create the booth signage elements, I lasercut sheets of 1/4” Home Depot hardwood with 3d lettering, stained, sanded and glued them together. Using reclaimed jute rope, I fashioned the plaques into adjustable hanging signage for each restaurant station. I used a similar lasercut technique for the bar signage. Using a different orientation and chalkboard paint, but hung in the same fashion, these panels visually accompanied the restaurant booth signage. Finally, the menu signage holders were created to again unify each booth and bring the wooden rustic feel to the booth table tops. Each holder was made of a simple block of wood, sanded but unfinished, with an angled slot cut on the table saw.

To keep with the sustainability focus of the Gourmet Latino mission, all of the signage was designed to be reusable for subsequent festivals and events.

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