Client: Museum of Science, Boston
Project: Investigate Exhibit
Challenge: To design new interactive components to refurbish an existing exhibit.
Role: Exhibit Designer

  • livingroomrendering

  • Living-Roob
  • temperaturestation
  • temperaturesketch

  • investigatekitchen
  • toiletanddrains
  • bathroom
  • kitchecornerrendering

  • mold
  • microwavestories

The Investigate Exhibit originated in the early 2000s in the shape of a stylized house. In 2009, a renovation of the space began, but was cut short before it was completed due to the lack of funds and the need to move on to other funded projects. They were able to complete the front yard, the garage, as well as some of the living room space.

In the summer of 2012, I inherited the final renovation from Mike, who has had a grand vision for this awesome exhibit for many years. Together we worked to architecturally renovate the back room, which we turned into a kitchen and bathroom.

In order to save money, I worked to create furniture made from relatively inexpensive materials and finishes, with small details for believability. I also incorporated some Ikea furnishings with custom made pieces to cut down on costs.

All of the interactives in the Investigate house have to do with experiments that you can do around your house.

Museum of Science Boston