Project: Kitchen Utility Closet
Challenge: Designing and implementing a storage solution for cleaning supplies, pantry items, and coats (we live in New England!) in our kitchen.
Role:  Designer and Installer

I am ridiculously proud of this closet.

I love my house to feel as decluttered as possible. So, when we purchased a house without a coat closet or utility closet on the first floor, it bugged me for two straight years. We also had a weirdly spaced kitchen that had a little too much room behind the oven, but not enough room to comfortably put a table- it was truly a dead space. I tried to utilize this dead space productively by drawing up a closet addition.

Thank goodness my dad is adept at building new structures in old spaces, too! He came to the rescue and helped me plan out how and where to build studs and which drywall to install. Together, we built this closet in 5 days, and, after re-mudding, painting and adding the molding to the wall, I was able to add a counter height kitchen island style table. Now, the closet looks like it has always been there and the kitchen functions significantly better than it did before!