Client: Museum of Science, Boston
Project: Live Animal Care Center
Challenge: To refresh an existing animal viewing space with limited funds.
Role: Exhibit Designer

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The previous iteration of the Live Animal Center left the space feeling more like an animal hospital than a place to view the some of the animals who work with programs and interpretation at the Museum of Science.  Our first priority was to liven up and unify the hallway space as well as to graphically deliver messages to help the visitors understand the purpose of the Live Animal Center at the museum.

One of the visions that I had from the beginning of the project was to visually enhance the columns to draw visitors towards the front of the hallway. My first iteration used back lit, grass-embedded eco resin to create the mood. However, as we learned of our budget, it became clear that we needed to scale back to graphical treatment.

The graphic designer and I discussed using large cutouts of animals and animal prints to define the space. The animal prints became the column enhancement and the animals became the vehicle to seamlessly deliver content to visitors. The rich wall color we chose created the unified and inviting space we were striving for.