Client: Museum of Science
Project: New England Habitats Renovation
Challenge: To design interactive furniture for the New England Habitats exhibit refurbishment.
Role: Exhibit Designer

A follow-up update of the 2009 New England Habitats refurbishment was begun in January 2012. This was my first exhibit experience at the Museum of Science outside of the Hall of Human Life.

I worked with Mike, the senior 3d designer,  to understand his original furniture design ideas from 2009. Playing off of exisiting colors and construction elements from New England, like weathered board and batting, I developed new fur and claw interactive tables.

I also reused the iconic illustrations printed on wood to link each animal statue to its dioramma environment. Mike had used this wood printing process for the graphic panels around the exhibit during the original renovation, and it was a great element to reiterate throughout the space.

The panther case, as well as the low graphic slants in front of the dioramas will hopefully be updated in 2013 to complete the scope of this project.

Museum of Science Boston