Project: Design and fabricate a pendant lamp promoting alternative energy solutions using sandblasted glass as a medium.

  • pendantlamplit
  • pendantlampunlit
  • cuttingthewinebottles
  • windmilllightconstruction2
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  • windmilllightdrawing

I chose to promote wind energy with repurposed wine bottles. By cutting and refinishing the bottles, electrifying and hanging them, I simultaneously created a wind chime as well as a pendant lamp. The lamp moves with the wind and ideally lights from the converted wind energy.

My favorite part about this project was learning how to work in a cold glass studio to manipulate and upcycle glass into a new product. I solicited a local wine bar for a bunch of used wine bottles, cut each of them twice- once at the base of the neck, the other on a bias close to the bottom. Each pendant was placed so that the darker bottles were located at the top and then cascaded to the lightest bottles at the bottom. I also sandblasted graphics into each bottle to add differing textures to the tiers.