Client: David Edward for University of Virginia Law Library
Project: Design custom chairs for the newly updated UVA Law Library space.


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In 2005, the University of Virginia Law Library approached to the David Edward Design studio wanting to make a short run of custom design chairs for their newly updated space. Along with some overall dimension specifications, the reps from UVA provided design direction with an image of a scroll-armed chair. To cut down on production costs, my boss requested for the chair to be designed using as many parts as possible from the David Edward mass produced main product line.

Taking the UVA aesthetic and dimension requirements, I selected the David Edward Athenaeum Library Chair as the basis for the design. By replacing the lower arm joint with custom designed scrolls, adding a decorative stretcher under the seat, replacing the back slats with a solid hourglass shape, and upholstering the seat, I was able to create a totally new look while meeting the challenge that my boss set in front of me.

One of the most fun things about this project was figuring out how to design and cut the scrolls to ensure durability. The inside point of the spiral is the weakest point, so I had to be aware that the grain direction of the wood was in the strongest possible position there, while capturing the weakest spots in wood with the seat and leg joints. We CNC routed the wood to achieve the perfectly cut spiral.

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