Project: Designing a visitor center exhibit for the Suffolk County Environmental Center.
Client: Seatuck Environmental Association
Role: Exhibit Designer

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In the spring of 2009, the Scully Estate was selected to become Suffolk County’s official Environmental Visitor Center. The county gave Seatuck Environmental Association a stipend to renovate the Scully Mansion and create a space for visitor hospitality, education, and interaction.

Myself and a group of five other industrial designers were selected by the Seatuck Environmental Association to create a site proposal to present to Suffolk County officials. The purpose behind the site proposal was to organize, conceptualize, and visualize the features that the Seatuck employees and volunteers desired for the new space. This proposal was presented to the Suffolk County officials to address the scope and estimate the budget for the renovation.

The biggest challenge was developing a unified design with the involvement and input of many individuals. Our team solution was to individually listen to the thoughts and opinions of our multiple Seatuck clients, and then brainstorm the overall look, feel, and design features as a group. We split up the features and worked either individually or on small teams to develop our proposal.

I personally worked to develop the main exhibit room. To save money and emphasize the history of the Scully Mansion, I suggested repurposing antique furniture as exhibitry. Perhaps a visitor could open a drawer and discover seashells found near the estate? Or perhaps on a shelf one would find a butterfly net used by the Scully family in the 1800s?

My colleague Su and I worked together to brand the new Scully Estate visitor center. We developed the signature color palette, the Scully logo, the business cards, as well as the stationary. Su and I also teamed up to bring this same look and feel into the visitor experience with the design of indoor and outdoor graphic panels. Our graphics solutions were reused by our peers to unify the design within the site proposal.