Client: The Museum of Science, Boston
Project: Design a temporary exhibit showcasing scanning electron microscope images of honeybees.
Role: Exhibit Designer

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The Honeybees exhibit was a fun little exhibit that was conceived of and implemented within two months for display in our adult Art and Science gallery at the Museum of Science in Fall 2012.

This exhibit featured the work of artist Rose-Lynn Fisher, who takes SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) Images of gold plated honeybees. On display were 30 11”x16” framed scans of different anatomical parts, at differing magnifications. The images are beautiful and evocative. There was also a lounge area at the rear of the exhibition where a projector cycled through 60 more images.

Centered in the exhibition was a gold plated bee elevated and lighted on a velvet lined pedestal.

To keep costs down, we used Blick brand metal frames, purchased at wholesale rates. We kept the main walls the same gray color, but painted our new movable walls a dark gray. The main intro panel, which is permanent, we painted a bright yellow for contrast. We were also lucky to be able to use the Museum’s lighting arms to create the soft art-museum-like glow of the space instead of the overhead lighting. Finally, we repurposed a wooden vitrine case from a recently removed exhibition to call attention to the gold plated bee.

Museum of Science Boston