Project: Create, brand, and package a new lingerie company.
Role: Industrial Designer and Graphic Designer

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Even though I studied 2d art in college, when I went to Pratt for graduate school, I felt like my knowledge of graphic design was wanting.  The former vice chair of Pratt’s ID Grad department suggested that I take a packaging class with the Com-D graduate school to develop more confidence in graphic design while still working in 3d.

Creating unButtoned lingerie brand and packaging was an incredibly fun challenge. Inspired by the Vanity Fair pin-up celebrities, I envisioned a high-end brand that catered to the classy but sexy woman. Ideating a name and developing a logo to convey this message took many iterations. I ended up choosing unButtoned for it’s provocative imagery, and developed the equally provocative logo by hand, which looks like a thread coming loose. Working through this process taught me a lot about typography and the way that letters repeat and interact with each other within a font.

Once the logo was created and I was fairly satisfied with it, I moved into the 3d territory that I was more comfortable with. I chose a primary red and paired it with a black and light pink pinstripe with a suggestion of a pink lace edge. The lingerie box, bag, and tag all use a button as a clasp, visually holding up the edge of the classic red to reveal the sexy underpinnings, as well as physically holding the packages together.