Project: Create woodcut prints.

  • Mangiawoodcutprint
  • SoulWoodcutPrint
  • yougofirstwoodcut
  • threekidswoodcut
  • principessaprint

During my final year of college, I fell in love with the process of creating woodcut prints. Figuring out the (three to five) color plates for the additive prints was exciting and took a great amount of planning and some improvising. For example, the original Soul print had 4 color plates: red, blue, yellow and black. After testing, I realized that the children needed another base color to ground them, which is when I added the taupe color plate.

With the subtractive print I created (Mangia) I carved all three color blocks from the same piece of wood. This was exciting because I had to think about how the colors would blend together, but nerve-wracking because I only had one try to get it right. The five prints that survived the process are the only ones that will ever exist.

The subject matter of the prints focused on family, and particularly my relationship with my brother, whom I found a new appreciation for while studying abroad in Italy junior year of college.